Gran Melisa Rome Rome, Italy

When Gran Melio Rome bills itself as an urban resort on romantic Jiancolo Hill, it does not surveillance. The heart of historic Rome’s city is insignificant, although its strong ground and pool, fine food, glam lounge, and elegant spa create an inclusive, luxurious resorts atmosphere, when Gran Melia Rome is an urban resort, billed itself on romantic Jiancolalo Hill, it does not oversell.

The heart of historic Rome’s heart is insignificant, although its scenic ground and pool, fine food, glam lounge, and elegant spa create an inclusive, luxurious resorts atmosphere, although Gran Melilla Rome is an international chain part, both the style and the place of the hotel are cosmic yet deep Roman places.

Manage to maintain a unique sense. Glamorous changes of Amaro lounge’s stunning white-and-turquoise, for example, shine through the convent’s ex-church’s bones. Outside the contemporary white-wicker terrace and pool furnishings, the main brick walls of convent stitches are tall. Above the smooth marble and glass reception area, a massive Roman mask looks serenely.

Luxury is sophisticated, but Villa Agrippina has a long history. With the resort-style idioms, the hotel offers a full range of advantages, which keep the medication starting with the central point of the field: two outdoor pools and adjacent patio bars and bistro.

Exclusive Clarins-Branded My Blend Spa includes a crown pool, sensory shoars, steam baths, and sunsets and a full menu of mouth and body treatments (€ 20 / £ 18 entry). In addition, the elegant Ground Floor Amoro Lounge and the Casimiro Restaurant, an indoor-outdoor fitness area and a hair and beauty salon.

The Melia Group is known for its merciless service, and their Rome Resort does not disappoint. All guests are treated with white-glued attention, although the Red Level guests have access to higher level services including private check-in, designated Pool Cabana, exclusive lounge, spa free and many upgrade upgrades with Lux Extras. Pillow menu and room aromatherapy.

Deluxe and premium section rooms are not large, although they manage many luxury packs in limited locations; If you want to spread, select a high-level grand premium room or a suite. 116 rooms and suites are divided into a dozen classes, but all share a neutral natural palette, verandah floors, glass-surrounded bathtub/shower with divided bathrooms, and almost artistic decorative offsets and Barco paintings by contemporary, sculpture descriptions from the sculpture. Customized Riveted Bronze Doors pay homage to orphans in the building years and the scene is based on Baseline, Vatican City and Trustee.

If you are behind the panorama, the Red Level Grand Suite has a huge personal rooftop with a 360-degree view. From fine dining in the pool sandwiches from Casimiro, Grand Melilla has only a kitchen that is operated by Chef Carmen Buenaño and concentrating on the quality of the local ingredients, the elegant but direct pan-Italian and international cuisine, and stupid representations believe in its southern Italian roots.

Breakfast buffet – also includes a seemingly endless selection of sweet and tasty selections, fresh bread and juice, and a delightful kids corner with a donut and other treats.

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