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Understanding the regulation for establishing a Hotel in Dubai


The business of hotels is growing very fast and booming in the industry of UAE, other than the businesses which are growing very slow. It is the best option for those people, who have a lot of restaurant business experience, they will surely start their own hotel and restaurant.


But there are some people who are reading these articles have no background experience of hotels and restaurant, the best option for those people have, they can buy running and existing hotel and restaurant. In this article, we are going to tell you some regulations for establishing your new or existing business of hotels in Dubai.

Some easy steps to buy a Restaurant

This process is much confusing for those, who are deciding to purchase the hotel, especially for those who are totally new in this field and unfamiliar with this hotel industry.

There are many things to consider to open the restaurant, you have t check the sale price, size, zoning description, all the important information about the building of the hotel, i.e. when the building is built, features of the building, and the specific information about the building. Below some important things are mentioned, that you should research about the hotel if you are looking for opening the business in the future;

Check costs and price of the Hotel;
Once you have decided to buy the hotel, then there are some important steps to follows are, you should check the potential of profits in this business. You must take all the information about the financial of this business and the cash flow and sale prices. When you will proceed the acquiring funding your restaurant will be profitable.

Establish your Acquire Funding:
The role of your credit in your business is very important. It may play a major role in receiving loans and startup capital. Banks will give you more loans, due to your strong history of paying off your credit. But if you have a bad history of paying your credits, you will then receive funding. In all this, your interest rate will high but you have less negotiating power.

Negotiate a Contract:
After all the above process, now it’s time to negotiate with the owner of the hotel to buying the process. It is the final stage where you will inquire about all of the assets and liabilities of the hotel and restaurant.

Some negotiating questions are mentioned below, which you have to ask with the owner of the hotel;

Restaurant Assets, i.e. staff, furniture, equipment, a Liquor license is also the part of the deal of not
Quality and age of the assets.
Does anything need to be repaired or replace., Is this hotel is safe from all kinds of pests, violations, etc.
Can we use the same menu card and recipe of yours or not, What is the current situation of this hotel?

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